Why it’s important to be proactive at work

Did you know that geographically, employees become more and more proactive as you head to the west of Europe? Due to different cultures and context in which they live, western Europeans have the tendency to be more involved in their work, while most easterners represent the “silent employee” type, which prefers to listen to commands without taking lead or freshening work processes with novelties. However, due to globalization and business models shifts, the story will change within the next decade, most probably. And if you wonder, the winning side will be of those who are not afraid to speak their minds.


And why? Let’s see a few reasons, which will also serve as the case for you to become more proactive at work.

Business doesn’t stick with topography anymore

The expansion of a business, as the world knew it, began to die once the internet became popular. In present, with some many technologies meant to enhance communication and supersonic airplanes that take you from one side of the globe to the other in a matter of hours, you just have to look above the horizon and understand that you can be an important piece of the puzzle in a business born thousands of kilometers away. You can work from a modest office in Romania today and from a skyscraper in Boston tomorrow, all you need is to be open to new experiences and make your point any time you have something to add or ask.


Business models got a makeover

A few years back, old people with dozens of years of experience were running company boards and matrons family businesses. Now? Take two hipsters and a brilliant idea, add a geek in the mix, and you’ve got yourself a start-up that may rocket the owner to great business people under 30 tops and lists. Again, all you have to do is speak: communicate, connect, convey, no matter if you’re the owner or a part of the firm’s workforce.


Earn the star status

If you understand that geography is not an issue anymore and the way business was ran some time ago is not possible nowadays, but you don’t want to marry your job, chose the best of both worlds! Be the star of a company you choose to work for. Is not a secret anymore that entrepreneurship is rather a drug than a happiness bubble, so manipulate what surrounds you in your favor. You have so much information on your hands, and so much freedom and knowledge, that it is a pity not to use such advantageous elements in your benefit. Don’t be afraid to reach out and even to show off if necessary, you’ve got nothing to lose.


Start proving you’re the star your company was looking for right now. Be proactive, make sure people know your name and you’ll see that luck is something you can create for yourself.