What NOT to say during interviews

We’ve all been there – the interview: the moment when you enter the room is tense. The moment your interviewer enters is even tenser. But the moment you’re asked a difficult question is the worst.

You are getting whiter and whiter and you start to sweat. Your clothes become increasingly uncomfortable and stretch. Your shoes don’t seem to fit anymore. Your hands cannot stop moving, while your brain is desperately looking for a smart thing to say, but nothing comes out.

The silence, the void, and the awkward stare are not an option. But badmouthing is neither.

There are things to say during interviews, and things not to say. If what to say is pretty common sense, here’s a really short guide of things you should avoid saying.

1. Bad things. You are probably curious whom shouldn’t you say bad things about, right? Anyone! Don’t gossip, don’t badmouth, and don’t spread rumours. Your goal is to look professional, not chatty.

2. Don’t discuss your current or former colleagues’ work customs. Don’t show antipathy for procedures and don’t criticize practices.

3. Don’t bring race into discussion. Never can be considered a short term as an answer for “when is the right time to say something on this topic”. Discrimination is a huge no-no. Don’t do it.

4. Don’t share other companies’ secrets. Long story short: don’t spill the beans; you aren’t gaining no one’s trust like this.

5. Don’t brag about yourself. Be modest, fair and polite. No one likes know-it-alls, and no one wants to hire them.

Of course, the “what not to say” list can be endless; however, preventing the huge mistakes is the first step we can do. All the rest can be considered… fine tuning.