10 basic interview tips

Here’s the naked truth: the internet is full of interview tips. You can read as much articles as you want, depending on trends, types of companies, types of jobs, and even countries. However, our posting is not just another page filled with copy-pasted information from here and there, but actual advice that can help you face the challenges of an interview no matter where this may take place.


No more chit-chat, let’s get down to business and make sure that you’ll spend three useful minutes of your life being coached with the basics of an interview that ends successfully.



1. Introduce yourself properly: say your name clearly, shake hands firmly and smile.

2. Talk about your current job sincerely, a HR specialist can easily recognize lies. Don’t be afraid to be honest even when it comes to the reasons why you desire to find a new workplace.

3. However, don’t show disrespect towards your current colleagues. The world is so fabulous that you can live in Europe and get your dream job in Australia, and so small that your current interviewer may actually know that your boss is in fact a fine guy.

4. Dress suitably for the occasion. Unless you are looking to get hired in a creative agency or a nightclub, don’t get to innovative with you attire. Classic is timeless for a reason.

5. Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm; this will not damage your salary negotiation in case you get the job, but emphasize your interest in the position you are interviewing for.

6. Be honest in all that you say. If you have a dead body in your closet, a HR specialist is able to find it. How do you think you get called to interview for jobs you didn’t even knew they exist and you didn’t apply for?

7. Don’t conceal your former experience. Yes, you shoot for a top management position. Yes, you started as a waiter. So what? That’s perfect, it only means you have great skills with people thanks to an experience that shaped your skills.

8. Communicate non-verbally in a correct manner. Don’t use too many hand gestures if you’re not trying to get employed as a dancer, but also avoid standing perfectly still, without any mimic. Be relaxed and natural.

9. Don’t act like you deserve the job. An interview and not a direct hiring offer shows you that you’re a piece of the big puzzle of competition.

10. Ask questions. Most interviewers give candidates the chance to raise questions when they finished with theirs and formed an opinion. Help them shape it with good questions, that reiterate your preparedness and your interest in the company they represent.