7 steps for building a successful career

Even if we hardly recognize it, we LOVE to give advice! And this time, it’s on a topic we know and love: careers.

Did you know that most people find it difficult to organise their lives in order to build their careers? This is why we created a… framework: follow the steps, never stop learning and you’re a winner.

1. Decide what your interests are. It’s ok to fancy cars, literature, sports, biology and arts, but if you want to build a career, you need to be picky. Choose what you most love and specialise in that domain. Read, learn, ask questions to those with experience and try to be the best when you find a job in the domain you opt for.

2. Know the market. Knowledge is power; you cannot build a successful career in a domain that is saturated with experts or specialists, and you cannot make yourself known in a field no one is interested in. So put some effort into studying the market. Know your options and go straight to what fits your abilities best.

3. Work on your CV and improve it permanently. Keep your CV focused on what you know best and use it to apply for the jobs that best suit you. Also very important: make sure your resume is always up to date.

4. Research your potential employers: we’re not telling you to stalk companies, but a little detective work ain’t gonna hurt you. Learn about who you may work for and get ready to make an impression.

5. Be smart when applying for a job. If you’re planning to build a career in a creative field, make sure you start on the right foot and impress with an out of the box application. Use your networking skills if you’re shooting for a sales position, awe for a social media opening. Be you and be different, make sure people know you.

6. Take time to prepare for the interview, and by this, we mean: no, repeating phrases in front of a mirror is not stupid. Make sure you know what you’re aiming for, you know the company and how to sell yourself. Build the best you before knocking on the door of your possible future employer.

7. Don’t settle: you want a career, not a job, so make witty decisions when you have many options on your plate. Think and choose, not the other way around.