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Why embracing changes is better than opposing them

It’s not a secret for anyone that year ends represent perfect opportunities to draw the line and take conclusions. In companies, these occasions represent great times to restructure work, to delegate tasks, to promote people and maybe even to bring new additions to the team. Although in theory changes are spectacular and come with advantages, […]

Employee, freelancing, entrepreneurship?

You probably heard the phrase “Go big or go home” at least a million times no matter if you’re still an employee, freelancing or an entrepreneur working within your own company.   It sounds terrific in theory and it seems like an encouragement, but in case you already tried to make it big and you […]

The company’s Christmas party – dos and don’ts

It’s that time of the year! Christmas is getting near and everyone at work is boiling with excitement about the company’s party. Even if you can’t wait to put on your dancing shoes and dig in the goodies, wait a bit and take some advice from us, we’ve seen a lot. A LOT. Dos: Adopt […]

Your aim – Building the team

Building a team is not an easy task, as a team is not a mere group of people who share a space, but a body of work. Of course, from party of strangers to welded team there are some steps. If you don’t have the time or budget for a team-building, apply the principle “difference […]

Who are you when you’re at work

The time has come to talk about your behaviour at work. It’s easy to say “Be yourself” – of course you have to be yourself, but please also mind the fact that you’re not at home, and there are some other rules you need to respect. The others’ space. This means: don’t throw your things […]

7 steps for building a successful career

Even if we hardly recognize it, we LOVE to give advice! And this time, it’s on a topic we know and love: careers. Did you know that most people find it difficult to organise their lives in order to build their careers? This is why we created a… framework: follow the steps, never stop learning […]

It’s never speak OR listen. It’s always an AND!

This is NOT how you should do it.   Successful interviews or jobs are never quite casual. In most cases, people we deem as fortunate have behind them hours of study and work, and in both situations, experience. One of the basic rules of success is communication – easy to state, hard to put in […]

Creating a better, stronger, social YOU!

It’s probably not a novelty for you that in present, more than 90% of the active recruiters are screening their candidates’ presence in social media. Long story short: don’t post nonsense on your Facebook page! We could easily advise you to simply hide your social stories by choosing the right Facebook (or Twitter, or Instagram, […]

Conflicts at work. That’s not a mix you want in your career!

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t adhere to at work, this is a conflict. Or conflicts, even worse!   We are aware that most people consider conflicts at work unavoidable, but trust us, this is not the truth. It all lies in your behavior, and as long as you act right, you won’t find yourself […]

Professional conversion – a difficult, but necessary step

Professional conversion is not for those who decide building a career, neither for those scared by changes. Professional conversion is a challenge and is usually required due to market changes. However, there are also cases in which personal factors influence an individual’s work life, leading to major shifts in his professional path. Let’s address and […]

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