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Conflicts at work. That’s not a mix you want in your career!

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t adhere to at work, this is a conflict. Or conflicts, even worse!   We are aware that most people consider conflicts at work unavoidable, but trust us, this is not the truth. It all lies in your behavior, and as long as you act right, you won’t find yourself […]

Professional conversion – a difficult, but necessary step

Professional conversion is not for those who decide building a career, neither for those scared by changes. Professional conversion is a challenge and is usually required due to market changes. However, there are also cases in which personal factors influence an individual’s work life, leading to major shifts in his professional path. Let’s address and […]

What NOT to say during interviews

We’ve all been there – the interview: the moment when you enter the room is tense. The moment your interviewer enters is even tenser. But the moment you’re asked a difficult question is the worst. You are getting whiter and whiter and you start to sweat. Your clothes become increasingly uncomfortable and stretch. Your shoes […]

Debunking the myth of required experience

“We are looking for a young graduate with a rich experience and plenty of enthusiasm” or “Dynamic company in search of a fresh graduate with two years of experience” or “If you’ve just finished school and you’ve gathered some experience, it’s time to switch to corporate” – does any of these sound familiar to you? […]

Why it’s important to be proactive at work

Did you know that geographically, employees become more and more proactive as you head to the west of Europe? Due to different cultures and context in which they live, western Europeans have the tendency to be more involved in their work, while most easterners represent the “silent employee” type, which prefers to listen to commands […]

Technology is your friend! (How to use the power of internet to make a dazzling first impression)

It’s impressive that, although we live in a world of technology and of uber-fast internet, some people still don’t know how to use these in their favor when it comes to finding jobs. The first ideas that come to our minds on the topic are that you can find a contact person for the company […]

Looking for a job vs. building a career

No matter what moment of your life are you in professionally, as long as you want to make a shift from what you are doing right now, ask yourself this: am I hunting a job or pursuing a career? You have to agree, your whole strategy is based on your plans, either short, or long-term. […]

The importance of grammar and punctuation in a resume

Resume – a word loved by some, hated by others. You cannot avoid resumes, at some point in life you’ll have either to write them or to read them. And once you get involved with them, you should acknowledge the importance of grammar and punctuation no matter what side of the story you are. A […]

10 basic interview tips

Here’s the naked truth: the internet is full of interview tips. You can read as much articles as you want, depending on trends, types of companies, types of jobs, and even countries. However, our posting is not just another page filled with copy-pasted information from here and there, but actual advice that can help you […]

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