Conflicts at work. That’s not a mix you want in your career!

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t adhere to at work, this is a conflict. Or conflicts, even worse!


We are aware that most people consider conflicts at work unavoidable, but trust us, this is not the truth. It all lies in your behavior, and as long as you act right, you won’t find yourself in the middle of a drama that may cost you your job (besides your dignity).

One of the keys for success is empathy. Walk a mile in the shoes of other people and learn to understand what they think, expect and desire. Be objective and don’t let feelings drive you. The workplace is a great place to make friends, but don’t forget that your first purpose there is not to plan outings and holidays, but to act like a professional and deliver your tasks like one.


Draw the red line when you’re totally out of the situation. Add the balance in heated discussions and don’t be afraid to opinate when you observe injustice. Those that are already involved in an altercation cannot find the best grounds to fight their battles, but you can impose yourself as a leader and bring peace.


Of course, in order to bring serenity, you need openness. This is why it pays of to be honest. You cannot expect sincerity and transparency without being authentic yourself. Be the kind of person people can count on and you’ll see that step by step, your colleagues will learn who’s the problem solver. Be impartial and make sure you don’t disadvantage anyone during tensioned dialogues, especially if you have to deal with your subordinates.


Cover your a**; yeah, that’s probably the argument you were not expecting from us, but we’re also taking into consideration the situations in which you’re the subordinate. So, before entering a conflict with a superior, make sure you’re covered and you have nothing to be blamed for.


Is there more? Yes, there always is. However, there’s no recipe for success at work, you have to keep your head up and use the context to avoid any potential conflict at work.