Creating a better, stronger, social YOU!

It’s probably not a novelty for you that in present, more than 90% of the active recruiters are screening their candidates’ presence in social media. Long story short: don’t post nonsense on your Facebook page!

We could easily advise you to simply hide your social stories by choosing the right Facebook (or Twitter, or Instagram, or…) settings, but why not play with the internet in order to create a better you? Your mere online presence on Facebook is not an advantage, but you can turn your profile into a second resume, because HR professionals are curious to know not only the little work machine inside you, but also the human.


And, as long as the ones hiring you aren’t your friends, how could you convince them without being persistent and lose formality during an interview, that you’re an energy bomb, full of wits, and a fun person on top of all that? Through social media, obviously! There is no perfect recipe for you to create a better you online, but here are some common sense tips that work in 99% of the cases:

  • Don’t overdo it with pictures. Don’t change your profile pictures daily and don’t share every single moment of your life.
  • Don’t stalk your children’s lives either. We all know you make pretty babies, but don’t share every move they make. Let them breathe, they’ll decide on their own if they want to be internet celebrities.
  • Don’t share too much political stuff; also, don’t share offensive posts.
  • Don’t write long and boring posts and don’t abuse of hashtags.
  • Don’t create drama and don’t share dozens of posts from others every single day.


What to DO?

Keep it clean, keep it fresh, keep it you – base your postings on your real interests and passions, mind the grammar and think in terms of quality, not quantity. It’s called PERSONAL brand for a reason.