The importance of grammar and punctuation in a resume

Resume – a word loved by some, hated by others. You cannot avoid resumes, at some point in life you’ll have either to write them or to read them. And once you get involved with them, you should acknowledge the importance of grammar and punctuation no matter what side of the story you are.

A candidate’s perspective

You’re looking for a job and you probably have to write dozen of slightly different resumes in order to apply to so many different openings. You may tend to be sloppy in order to wrap up with them rapidly, but here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. You resume is your business card in your employer’s eyes, at least at first sight. You may be charming face to face, but in order to conquer at an interview, you first need to win those reading your CV. And they read lots of them, so yours better be flawless.
2. As long as your job requires human interaction, you need to master grammar. If you’re not applying for a job that requires continuous silence, you need to be able to talk correctly. And a first argument that you know your way with words is in writing.
3. Only correct grammar and punctuation can help you send the proper message that will emphasize your skills and abilities.
4. The basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation in a flawlessly-written resume reiterates your attention towards details.
5. Actions speak louder than words – you don’t have to say you excel in conversations, you can show this through an impeccable CV.


An employer’s perspective

It’s no news that any employer or HR specialist dreams to find the perfect person for the job, the one that puts things in motion, gets creative and finds solutions to all problems. Here are 5 reasons to pay attention to the candidate’s grammar and punctuation.

1. You can clearly see from reading only a few sentences and looking at the layout of a CV and/or of a cover letter if a person has certain skills: attention to details, for example.
2. An accurate resume indicates that the person writing it was interested in its own education and upbringing and will pay attention further on, in performing the job, to preserve an elevated environment in terms of speaking and writing skills.
3. A correctly-written resume illustrates the applicant’s inclination towards foreign languages.
4. Another thing attention to grammar and punctuation indicates? A well organized mind. Try to read reason number 5 and you’ll thank us for pointing this out…
5. Grammer skillz or luck thereof r a red flag or should, be a red flag 4 any employeer or hr proffesionnal know mather if its seeking a candidate for an aggricultural , teaching , accountancy, or, design position. Q.E.D.