Our client, an internationally leading developer of intelligent driver-assistance technology and electronic mobility, is seeking an Internal Factory Manager located in Timisoara.


Job objective:

  • Entrepreneurial responsibility for production, for planning support for customers through order processing and production to on-schedule delivery, taking cost, deadline and quality agreements into account.
  • Ensure, comply with and bear responsibility for the COP (conformity of production) requirements defined by the law for the products to be manufactured at the plant on behalf of the licence holder.


Area of Responsibilities:

  1. Production – Ensuring that the parts and products ordered are manufactured and delivered in the right quality, quantity and time and for the planned costs, in order to meet customer wishes and make profits.
  2. Production strategy / factory management
    • Together with the central industrial engineering department, development of new, innovative production procedures and strategies
    • Integration of agreed concepts in existing production
    • Designing manufacturing procedures, developing factory layouts, determining cost centers, clarifying and procuring replacement and new investments
    • Agreeing and implementing measures with the divisions affected, in order to guarantee trouble-free and cost-optimized production and increase profitability
    • Implementation of technology concepts (technology network) with the aim or achieving the best state in terms of technology, logistics and organization (best practice)
    • Assuring competitiveness inc. agreeing location strategies.
  3. Time to Market (production-oriented) – Advising the development teams with regard to manufacturing technologies, so that devices can be designed for integration in production lines as cost effectively as possible yet to the highest technical standard, with standard materials, standard components and standard technologies.
  4. Engineering change management series – Steering and monitoring product optimization and customer-related changes in current series (Series Project Manager)
  5. Cost/personnel planning
    • Planning and agreeing the investment and cost budgets and personnel capacities with Controlling and HR on a fiscal year basis, checking the monthly deviations and initiating suitable corrective measures, in order to meet target requirements and secure client’s profit
    • Provision of means for staff, technologies and systems
    • Achieving the prescribed economic targets through the economic use of the resources manpower, material and production equipment, in order to remain competitive on the world market
    • Further development of controlling systems in production
  6. Employee management
    • Guiding with targets and delegating, qualifying and further developing on the basis of a culture of trust, in order to develop or compensate potentials and develop individual competences
    • New SOPs Set-up, commissioning and optimizing the planned production lines, sampling and qualifying injection tools to ready for series production, qualifying the necessary staff and carrying out the acceptance test for production with customers in order to guarantee trouble-free and on-schedule SOP
  7. Quality
    • Involvement in the implementation of quality strategy (e.g. zero defects, process mastering, process ability, 6S method etc.)
    • Ensuring that internal and external complaints are processed, production audits and measures for improvement are carried out and scrap and rework costs reduced, in order to continually improve the quality of processes and products and increase customer satisfaction
    • Supporting the client’s companies Involvement in the new build-up or extension of production facilities (production, machine, logistics and staff concept)
    • Support with capacity and quality problems
    • Advice whenever problems occur with machines, operating equipment and material
    • Carrying out production relocation
  8. Health & safety / Environment
    • Working with the ASI engineer to ensure that faults in the health & safety area are recognized, checked and eliminated, in order to meet legal and company requirements and avoid accidents and production downtime
    • Arranging for employees to be trained and qualified
    • Providing protective measures of all kinds within the legal framework, in order to create maximum safety for the health of our employees
    • Implementing the environment management system (acc. to UM manual) in order to meet the legal environment protection requirements.
  9. Works council – In cooperation with the Human Resources department, consulting, discussing and, if appropriate, negotiating all the issues affecting the production area that have to be agreed with the works council and which the works council has to be informed about, in order to meet legal requirements and guarantee trouble-free production procedures.
  10. Continual improvement process – Implementing the CIP process in the area of responsibility within the context of the guidelines and program agreed, in order to guarantee permanent improvement of competitiveness.
  11. Repairs – Reducing the technical downtimes of the machines through joint fault analysis with the repairs department (IH).



  • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering
  • Main focus on manufacturing technology/ industrial Engineering
  • Employee guidance, industrial engineering, knowledge of business management, quality assurance
  • Planning order processing, factory planning, knowledge of English, customer-specific knowledge