Professional conversion – a difficult, but necessary step

Professional conversion is not for those who decide building a career, neither for those scared by changes.

Professional conversion is a challenge and is usually required due to market changes. However, there are also cases in which personal factors influence an individual’s work life, leading to major shifts in his professional path.

Let’s address and discuss professional conversion as a necessity, the only case in which this proves difficult and may seem complicated for the person in question. Usually, the problem arises as a consequence of the market’s metamorphosis. The work market is constantly transforming, leaving little room for tradition and big gaps to be filled by the courageous who love the challenge of adopting budding professions.

Did you imagine 10 years ago people planning to become app designers, SEO specialists, robot engineers or 3D printing experts? The society evolved, and once with it, the workforce’s required skilled and abilities modified. On the short term, effects not felt, however, a decade represents a major gap, in which entirely new jobs can be defined, outlining the needs of people living in rural or urban settlements.

Professional conversion programmes are many times supported by the state, by official institutions that can back the costs of such initiatives and that understand the market’s needs and anticipate changes.

Participants in such programmes are people whose studies are no longer applicable in real life, whose expertise is no longer needed or whose jobs were short-lived. Also, studies show that most of those deciding to participate in the programme are older than 38, but usually don’t pass the 50 years’ mark.

Professional conversion is difficult, especially when required or needed at an age in which the learning process becomes more problematic and the adaptation to new environments more effortful. Even so, conversion should not be seen at the end of a road, but as the beginning of another, with new options and incomparably higher chances of professional development.