It’s never speak OR listen. It’s always an AND!

This is NOT how you should do it.


Successful interviews or jobs are never quite casual. In most cases, people we deem as fortunate have behind them hours of study and work, and in both situations, experience.

One of the basic rules of success is communication – easy to state, hard to put in practice, but somehow people do it with fruitful results. You might ask yourself how, the answer is short and sweet: assertive communication.

The secrets of a lucrative dialogue does not involve blabbering or ignoring. Asserting communication refers to finding the perfect balance between listening and communicating. There are people who listen well and there are people who know what to say. However, if you want to build a career you need to have both skills under your belt, otherwise you are lost.


Why listen?

It is important to listen carefully, not only in order to show to the other you pay attention and you are curious on what he’s saying, but also in order to be able to formulate good sentences, that show that you’re a good partner for bright dialogue and astute conversations. Can you answer and impress without listening actively before? No. When you’re facing another person and you want to enhance communication, focus on your chat and be present there – don’t let your mind wander when it’s not the case.


Why speak?

You need to know how to put your thoughts and feelings into words in order to send the right message. Don’t monopolize the conversation and avoid being aggressive – the other can feel the tension right away. However, don’t fall in the other trap: don’t lay to passive, letting your partner try to wrap his brain around something that you mentioned vaguely. Be clear, be specific, be concise, and don’t try to victimize.


Find balance

Assertive communication is a great strategy, a wonderful win-win method that will help people communicate better with you and perceive you not just as a job candidate (in case of an interview), but also as a real, present human being. Find balance and sooner or later this will incline towards you, as long as you learn how to smooth talk yourself in the right places and situations.