The company’s Christmas party – dos and don’ts

It’s that time of the year! Christmas is getting near and everyone at work is boiling with excitement about the company’s party. Even if you can’t wait to put on your dancing shoes and dig in the goodies, wait a bit and take some advice from us, we’ve seen a lot. A LOT.


Adopt a colorful attire. It’s Christmas, so no one will be surprised if you go for red or green or if you’ll have a quirky sweater.

Talk to everyone. Also known as: make peace – it’s that time of the year to make amends and get ready for a fresh start. Mingle with your colleagues and enjoy a good laugh, you’re not at work.

Bring goodies. Usually the party organisers prepare with everything for everyone, but if you want to make sure people remember you, make a good deed and impress everyone with a tray of homemade cookies (it the atmosphere is not too formal, of course).

Smile! You’re like 3 seconds away of a great holiday, so cheer up and make sure you have your best accessory for this season: a heartfelt smile.



Don’t overdress! If you’re five people in the office celebrating Christmas with hot chocolate and a pizza at a bar nearby the office, no need for sky high heels and heavy makeup. Dress for the occasion.

Don’t throw yourself on the food! There will be endless trays of treats, so no need to seize and block the others’ access. Be polite and share.

Don’t exaggerate with the alcohol! Yes, the CEO may get a bit tipsy and share a few naughty jokes, but as long as we’re concerned, absolutely everyone should remember the talks and the number of glasses they had.


Short and sweet, we hope, as your aim is to enjoy the party, not to spend too much time reading on rules and regulation.