Technology is your friend! (How to use the power of internet to make a dazzling first impression)

It’s impressive that, although we live in a world of technology and of uber-fast internet, some people still don’t know how to use these in their favor when it comes to finding jobs. The first ideas that come to our minds on the topic are that you can find a contact person for the company in seconds and enjoy a great interview through an easy-breezy Skype call; but let’s develop a bit.

1. First things first: Google. Google has, literally, millions, if not billions, of ideas related to job hunting. From tips and tricks, to CV writing, to examples of resumes, success stories or groups which you can join on different social networks in order to find a job or just ask questions regarding your specific job search.


2. Facebook – is it too late if you only learn right now that your privacy settings must be set correctly in order to hide your nightlife adventures from a possible employer? Well, unless that employer is someone you already know and befriended on Facebook some time ago, and in this case nothing will save you! Otherwise, please go right now to the top right part of your screen and choose the best settings for you and the career you dream to build.


3. If this word is new for you, we’ll be gentle. LinkedIn is a Facebook for jobs! Not that entertaining and not that fun, but helpful. The kind of social network that may help you get to pay the bill in order to use Facebook. So, long story short: be there.


4. History settings – all browsers have specific history settings that you should know about. We’re only mentioning this because, you know… many people start their job hunting sprees online at work. On shared computers, which is wrong at so many levels!


5. And going back to what we started with: Skype and the super internet connections – why have an interview with a remote company by phone, when you can dress to the nines, and start your camera? Go a bit over the top with this special request and you can bet you won’t fail to impress.


See? It’s that simple!