Who are you when you’re at work

The time has come to talk about your behaviour at work. It’s easy to say “Be yourself” – of course you have to be yourself, but please also mind the fact that you’re not at home, and there are some other rules you need to respect.

The others’ space. This means: don’t throw your things around like you own the place. The office is a common space, so learn to share and keep everything in place.

The others’ time. This means: don’t be late, especially when you have important calls to make or urgent meetings to attend. Company business is company business, so don’t waste precious time at work.

The others’ conversations. This means: mind your business if your opinion is not specifically asked and don’t be rude with people. Even if you’re the boss, your job is not to boss people around, but to be a leader. Learn the difference and stay humble.

The others’ opinions. This means: don’t be aggressive when you’re not on the same page with your colleagues. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that’s the beauty of democracy. Don’t get hostile even if people disagree with you, remember everyone sees a problem from its own perspective and experiences.

The others’… food. Oh, the never ending problem, which simply means: don’t steal food and make people hate you for a bowl of rice. Don’t be that guy.

Be yourself, yes: nice, respectful, working; be a good colleague, offer to help, lend a hand, speak on a pleasant tone. Leave your problems at the door when coming to work and everything will be just fine.