Why embracing changes is better than opposing them

It’s not a secret for anyone that year ends represent perfect opportunities to draw the line and take conclusions.

In companies, these occasions represent great times to restructure work, to delegate tasks, to promote people and maybe even to bring new additions to the team. Although in theory changes are spectacular and come with advantages, in practice, people may not be so happy with the news.

Why is that? People are inexperienced and scared by novelty and many times, they fail to see the big picture. How can employees embrace the changes and why it’s better to do this rather than opposing them?


  1. Changes bring new perspectives. Maybe people don’t see the forest from the trees, but everyone should take the opportunity to ask questions and enhance communication in order to form a clear opinion.
  2. New learning opportunities arise. For those switching teams or departments, change is a chance to prove themselves, to take on new roles and to work with other people, and all these may contribute to their development.
  3. Management roles are offered. As long as change is tied to growth and expansion, management roles are proposed to people with experience within the company, otherwise the development of the firm itself doesn’t really have a base.
  4. New strategies are needed. And this is the perfect moment for people with ideas to make themselves known by everyone.


Change is not bad, people just need a hand in learning how to embrace it and turn it in their favor.