Your aim – Building the team

Building a team is not an easy task, as a team is not a mere group of people who share a space, but a body of work. Of course, from party of strangers to welded team there are some steps. If you don’t have the time or budget for a team-building, apply the principle “difference is in the details” and learn to make the workplace a special spot for your employees.

Start your day in a fun way: everyone knows that mornings, especially Monday mornings, are hard to bear. Start your day with a hot cup of coffee, tea or chocolate and chit-chat for 10 minutes or so. You’ll change the tune of the whole day.

Share what you have: maybe you like sweets or maybe you love to munch on chips or to cook intricate dishes – think about those you work with and share with them what you have. It’s not about the quantity, but about the gesture, your colleagues will feel they’re important to you and will return the gesture.

Laugh together: every manager knows that there are about 6.5 hours of real work in a day, so “waste” the other one and a half hour wisely – share a fun picture via Skype, take a picture of a hilarious activity and post it in social media with tags to those you work with, take a break and walk to the closest shop to buy a treat together with a colleague.

Make pranks: as childish as it sounds, from time to time a prank is good to release tension and stress. Make sure it’s something innocent and you are not offending the victim.

Go out for drinks: find a special place, close to the office, and invite your colleagues to socialise in a non-formal environment from once in awhile. Everyone will be happy to tell stories of husbands, parents or kids and you’ll get to know everyone better.

Celebrate: Christmas is near, take a break one day and decorate your workplace. Organise a secret Santa event and make sure you share homemade treats in the last day of work.


You may not have the money to organise scrumptious dinners or exotic getaways with your team, but you can have the right attitude and build your team constantly.