Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

We can support any client in attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for all the possible roles within an organisation. Finding talented people that fit a certain job requires an intelligent approach to the whole process and a very good knowledge of specific market and industry requirements and setup.

Our first step in this approach is to set up a meeting and clarify the role, the specific needs of a company, its cultural organisation, key performance indicators for the job, interactions between departments and functions, what are the key strengths of the company and were it still needs improvement, so that each hired candidate can bring an added value to its growth.

After achieving a thorough understanding of the role and designing a job description that best presents the challenges of the role and the key qualifications, previous experiences and personality traits that define the ideal candidate, we must also identify and discuss the best sources to attract candidates for the role (be it via social media, direct search, recommendations, previous similar assignments, specific events and group discussions or job announcements). Direct search, recommendations and cold calls are most effective in attracting passive candidates and discovering key people in each organisation and these are our first choices in each project.

Then, of course, each suitable candidate identified will pass a suit of interviews, tests and background checks to ensure that our clients receive complete and thorough information on each presented candidate and interview the best available talent from the market.

Our involvement continues with the offering process, where we can be the ideal counsellors, keeping in mind both our candidates’ and our clients’ needs and possibilities, and advise for the best middle match that would benefit both parties.

We pride ourselves in keeping a close contact both with our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process and after the hiring is finalised, so that we are always informed on the level of satisfaction of both parties and any potential changes of circumstances.