Talent Screening

Talent screening solution is developed to save you time and resources by outsourcing the initial phases of recruiting to an external consultant dedicated a specific amount of time (based on a daily, weekly or monthly subscription) for your needs.

The talent screening solution is about:

  • Screenings through your internal data base or social media sources for specific and agreed roles.
  • Advertise specific job openings on your behalf.
  • Initial phone screening of available candidates based on an agreed job description questionnaire.
  • Prospecting candidates’ interest in your openings and company.
  • Scheduling interviews at your convenience (at your location or at our office).
  • Representing your company in job fairs.

It offers you the following benefits:

  • You can reduce significantly your time to hire – saving the time for repetitive and administrative tasks like evaluating CVs, selecting suitable candidates from a large amount of CVs, pre-screening them and scheduling meetings/ interviews in available timeslots.
  • Reduce hiring cost by ensuring that you only meet prequalified candidates. You also save your team’s time and can focus on other, more strategic and important tasks.
  • Plan better your recruitment process. You will ensure that your recruiters are dedicated to urgent openings and are more efficient in hiring.

Selecting this service, you will significantly improve the quality of staff hired, reduce your recruitment costs, shorten your time to hire and win in the war for talent.